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Approvals And Building Department

New Building Applications Type 1 Applications – Change of Use Type 2 Applications – Directive 2 and Directive 14 Subsequent filings for Mechanical Subsequent filings for Structural Reconsiderations Public Assembly Applications Materials and Equipment Applications Filing Controlled Inspection Letter of Completions for Completed work Reassignments of applications Reinstatements of applications


Obtaining Permit Owner/ Contractor Permit Renewals After Hour Permits Equipment Use Permits Temporary Public Assembly Permits

Landmarks Services

Certificates of No Effect Certificates of Minor Work Certificates of Appropriateness

Certficate Of Occupancy

TCO Renewals Divisional Sign Offs: Updates C of O Inspections Obtaining Certificate of Occupancy Post Approval Amendments

Fire Department Approvals

Ansul Systems Fire Alarms Fire Protection Plans

Department Of Consumer Affairs Licensing

Certificate of Health for Food Services

Department Of Transportation

DOT Permits

Tax Department Work

Condominium Filing Subdivision Tax Lot Filing Combinations

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